Friday, 8 November 2013

Life, death and the existence of God

I am often amazed by the conversations my kids have, especially about the really big topics - life and death, the existence of God.

This morning, whilst getting coats and shoes on ready to go to school, five year old Addy and three year old Dylan were talking about not wanting to die. I interjected in my usual matter of fact 'let's try not to make a big deal of this' way that no one lives for ever. The following conversation ensued:

Me:      No one lives for ever.

Addy:  God does.
            God gave us all of this stuff.
            But he didn't want us to all squash each other so he gave us dying.

Dylan: God is nice.

Addy: What he said.

Dylan: I want to see god.

Addy:  He is up in the clouds, like a giant.
            You will have to fly really high.
            You'll have to find a bird and hold onto his legs and the bird will flap like this (runs around flapping wildly).
            It will be dangerous.
           Are you sure you want to go?
           You will miss us because we will be way down here.
           Are you sure?
           Cos you are precious.
           We don't want you to die.
           Are you sure?
           If the bird drops you it might hurt.
           You might fall into a a spiky bush.

Dylan: I'll stay here.
            I want mum to look after me.

Me:     (hugs them both tightly with a heart full of love)

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