Monday, 18 November 2013

Dinosaurs in Space

Every so often, a product aimed at kids is launched that has me every bit as (or more) excited than they are. Dinosaurs in Space is one such product.

Dinosaurs in Space is a kit that contains the basics you need to make your very own stop-motion animation - Zu3D animation software, a nifty little webcam, modelling clay and tools.

The box sleeve has a space scene printed inside that can be coloured and used as the backdrop for your film.

You can see in the photograph above that the instructions are clear and friendly and supported by an easy to navigate website The website has tutorials, ideas and even a gallery to share your own creations.

The kit is aimed at the 6+ age group. My daughter, Addy, has not had her sixth birthday yet but I am sure that with plenty of supervision, she will get  a lot out of Dinosaurs in Space. She has already loved colouring in the backdrop (which proved to be an excellent lazy Sunday activity before getting dressed or having her hair brushed!)

Our next task is to make the dinosaur models, Topsy and Rex, to star in our animation. I have just watched the tutorial on how to make Topsy, the triceratops. As much as I want Addy to take ownership of our project, I know that she would struggle with this and as the success of our film is rather dependent on having a recognisable character, I am taking the lead in this part.

The kids are at school. There is no one here to laugh at me if it all goes horribly wrong. I am ridiculously excited about the excuse to play with plasticine. I will let you know how I get on.

To find out more about Zu3D animation software and for some fantastic animations, follow Zu3D on facebook and twitter.

Dinosaurs in Space RRP £34.99

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