Friday, 1 March 2013

St David's Day

I was a bit slow to realise that today was St David's Day. Living as I do close to the Welsh border, I did not want the day to pass without being commemorated in some small way. I had visions of doing arts and crafts with my little ones - painting egg boxes yellow to make daffodils - but I hadn't factored in how tired (and grumpy) Addy would be at the end of her first week back at school after half term.

I decided to abandon the daffodil project and concentrate instead on a welsh themed dinner. I found some good ideas on the BBC Good Food website but was somewhat limited by the ingredients I had available. I was unwilling to blow my weekly food budget by going out to buy extra groceries so I decided to make do with what I had.

My original meal plan for this evening was a lentil curry. I went ahead with that and also made a side dish of Welsh Onion Cake to create a Welsh/Indian fusion dining experience.

Welsh Onion Cake comprised of onions softened in butter sandwiched between layers of thinly sliced potato in a frying pan and baked in an oven. I'd never put my frying pan in the oven before but it was an all metal one and worked fine. The dish was supposed to be turned out onto a plate. Despite using a lining of greaseproof paper, a whole layer of potato (and the lining) stuck to the bottom of the pan. It all looked a bit of a sorry mess but it tasted great and went surprisingly well with the spicy lentils and rice.

The presentation of my Welsh Onion Cake was actually the least of my worries. I sliced the potatoes using a food processor and as I was removing the slicing attachment to wash up, I caught my thumb on the sharp blade. I didn't even realise I'd cut it at first, but the blood dripping from the end of my digit was difficult to ignore. My 16 year old daughter did her best to cover the wound with a combination of waterproof plaster oddments she found in the medicine cabinet but the blood just kept seeping out. My solution was to wear a latex glove to stop my bodily fluids from dripping in the dinner. It worked but it wasn't pretty.

Once the cooking was all done, I could have my cut dressed with a non-waterproof but much more effective covering

Even with the sore thumb, I really enjoyed my Welsh/Indian fusion experiment - and a bonus of my injury and non-waterproof dressing is that I can't possibly do the washing up!

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