Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I am not a big fan of pancakes, but my kids are. I enjoyed watching them yesterday as they indulged in more lemon juice and sugar than you would consume under any other circumstances as good old dad produced perfectly tossed pancake... after pancake... after pancake.

Today, my thoughts turned to Lent and the annual tradition of giving something up. I confess that, even with the very best of intentions, I have never completely succeeded in a forty day giving up of anything. I have already given up (or at least seriously cut back on) a whole load of things for an entirely different reason (which I shall blog about in due course) so this year I thought it might be a nice idea to acknowledge Lent by doing something positive instead. Something additional and significant.

My confidence in running has taken a bit of a battering this year. Ill health and bad weather have affected training and it doesn't take that many missed sessions to make you feel as though you are back to square one in terms of fitness and stamina. I thought it would be a really good way to kickstart my training for a 10K race I've signed up for in May if I were to resolve to run 40 miles for Lent.

So that is my plan.

Between now and Easter, run 40 miles for Lent.

It's not going to be easy but it isn't supposed to be and hopefully, the rewards will be greater than a forty day abstinence from cake, chocolate or wine. That would just be miserable!

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