Friday, 9 November 2012

Taylor's 'tache

One of my greatest pleasures as a mum is to see my children inspired by something that I do.

I have been doing a lot of knitting in the last year. I have made a MeerkatXmas decorations, zombies and even the Queen. It can be challenging and relaxing and always gives me a sense of achievement when I finish a project.

My daughter Taylor decided to cast on with me.

I can't take credit for teaching her the basic skills that she needed to get started. She learned from a tutorial DVD. But I have got her out of the odd tangle (much as my mum still does for me from time to time) and I did lend her the DVD!!

Her first success was to make a little penguin that she presented to her boyfriend on Valentine's day. The pattern was from one of my many knitting books - All You Knit is Love. (This is a beautifully illustrated book with some quirky ideas but we have found some mistakes in it).

For her next project, she found inspiration on the internet and without the slightest bit of assistance from me produced a rather magnificent moustache.

Fairly pointless you might think, but a lot of fun and perfect for Movember.

In support of all the people raising funds and awareness for men's health issues by growing upper lip hair this month and in celebration of my daughter picking up the needles, I give you my little Addy modelling Taylor's 'Tache.

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  1. That is the best picture ever :{) (my very bad attempt at a smiley with a moustache!)


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