Thursday, 15 November 2012

Jump in Muddy Puddles

When I received a text message from my daughter that started 'jcbmudrun', I thought she was having problems with her predictive text option. As I read on, I realised that she was in fact letting me know about a charity race that might interest me organised by JCB of the bright yellow digger fame. This was no ordinary race. Specially designed muddy obstacles were put in place around the course to challenge (and dirty) the battling competitors.

For some reason that I do not understand on any level, I really really really wanted to do this.

The race took place last weekend. Unfortunately I was not able to participate this year but the photographs I have seen online have not put me off at all. I want to do it more than ever.

My husband is fully supportive. My prim and proper 15 year old daughter wants to do it with me. The rest of the family think I'm completely mad.

A mud run of some description will almost definitely appear on my '50 things to do before I'm 50' list.

By coincindence, I received a toy in the Peppa Pig range from Character to review. The toy was "Jump in Muddy Puddles Peppa".

With the insertion of 3xAA batteries and the press of a button, the happy, muddy little pig will jump up and down snorting, counting or delivering classic Peppa phrases.

As well as reminding me (in the cutest way) of my determination to jump in some muddy puddles of my own, the kids love it.

I learned something new about my little boy as well. After he had finished delighting in his new piggie playmate's jumping antics, he went and helped himself to a washing up brush and cloth. "Pig grubby" he told me as he did his best to clean the 'mud' off Peppa's face and dress! I'm sure I can put that desire to see things neat, clean and orderly to good use as I start my pre-Xmas house blitz!

Suitable from ages  3+, Jump in Muddy Puddles Peppa retails for £19.99

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