Friday, 2 March 2012


I was very happy to be asked to do a video review of the new Zhu-Zhu Pets range, Zhu-Fari, for UKMums.TV.  My children were even happier because it meant a brand new toy for them to have fun with.

There was a short deadline to have the video finished. The Zhu-Fari products arrived on Wednesday and I had to get cracking pretty much immediately to make the deadline. Unluckily for me, despite the glorious sunshine, I have been feeling terrible with the worst cough/cold/sore throat I have ever experienced. Yesterday, I coughed till I was sick and thought my ears were going to explode.

With a lot of help from my wonderful daughter, Ivy, who is home from Uni for her birthday this weekend, I somehow managed to get my video finished. Here it is, complete with a rather husky voiceover!

To really get the most from the playsets, you would need to have some of the babies as well as the Zhu-Fari animals. These are sold separately.

We did find that the Zhu-Fari animals were a little too big to travel easily down the playset tube but it seemed to cause amusement rather than disappointment and helping hands were readily available to offer a helpful shove!

Visit - the official home of all things Zhu-Zhu!

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  1. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you went to church.


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