Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle

We love jigsaws at our house.

I was delighted to be sent one of Ravensburger's new 3D puzzles, featuring iconic landmarks, to see if it presented a new dimension of challenge.

The following video follows the progress from box opening to completion (edited of course!) of our Big Ben 3D puzzle.

The puzzle was certainly well made. The pieces slotted together securely to create a sturdy construction so there was never any danger of collapse and the inevitable frustration that would have caused. The numbered pieces did make the puzzle a lot easier than you might expect from a first glance.

The finished tower now stands on our sideboard.  In my opinion, it isn't quite attractive or substantial enough to display there long term but because of how well it all slotted together, deconstruction would be much more of a mission than with a traditional jigsaw.

We have had one idea about fashioning a Slytheen space craft and crashing into it Dr Who style.

Most likely scenario is that I'll get fed up of knocking it over when I dust and put it back in the box myself to enjoy building again another day!

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