Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Gallery - Week 48 - Simple Pleasures

The simple pleasure
  • of combining ingredients to make a cake mix
  • of watching the mix transform magically before your eyes in the heat of the oven
  • of turning an ordinary cake into something special with icing and imagination in equal measure
  • of a job well done
  • of plunging a sharp knife into the heart of your creation to slice and serve
  • of noticing that it looks pretty good inside

and finally,
  • of  happy faces, consuming, enjoying, licking lips and chasing crumbs.

Simple pleasures indeed.


  1. made me hungry. off to get a brioche and a cappuccino :-)

  2. Oh yes can't beat making and eating cake as the ideal simple pleasure! Nom nom :0

  3. I wish I was able to bake cakes like that, looks very yummy ;) @Kahanka

  4. I love the words you've used in your post. If I bake a cake, or fairy cakes I always feel a sense of achievement.

  5. Oooh yum yum... I think I'll be baking this weekend x

  6. Yum, yet another lovely looking cake. Unfortately all these cakes are virtual today! x

  7. Super post many posts making my hungry today :)

  8. It's making me laugh how many of us have chosen foody things this week!


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