Monday, 7 April 2014


I honestly think that these could have tasted awful and everyone would have still loved them because Mas#tags - the social media inspired potato shapes from Birds Eye - is such a genius idea. The truth is that they tasted great too.

My family is already a big fan of Birds Eye Potato Waffles so there was little doubt that they would be enjoyed. However, the enjoyment was taken to a new level simply by the fact that the fun shapes included the iconic hashtag, @symbol, star and emoticons. Everyone had their own favourite. During a "trying to be serious moment" of our Mas#tag dinner, one guest described the taste experience as  exactly the right ratio of tasty outside bit to fluffy inside bit. High praise indeed!

I was impressed that the shapes were all very easily recognisable and out of the four packets I purchased (using vouchers sent to me for the purpose of this review) I only found one broken one. The broken one was half a hashtag that, to my little boy's delight, looked like an aeroplane!

Our Mas#tag dinner was actually a Mother's Day treat for me. One of my daughters offered to cook and to keep it simple, (she was cooking for rather a lot of us) I suggested that she make use of the convenience of the potato shapes. She served veggie sausages (only slightly cold in the middle), fried fresh eggs from our own chickens (a touch sloshy), baked beans (almost warm) and Mas#tags (cooked to perfection).

Despite some culinary fails (which she more than made up for with her home made treacle tart), it was a wonderful meal with lots of fun and laughter to which the Mas#tags were definitely a contributory factor.

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