Monday, 29 April 2013

Mamia Easy-Pants

My little boy will be three years old in couple of months. He is my only son -  a lovely little late in life miracle after five daughters. I have totally enjoyed the opportunity to buy 'boy' clothes - especially the tiny underpants. We have dinosaur underpants, super hero underpants, robot underpants.... None of them have had much use. He has not been a very co-operative potty trainee.

Finally, I feel I am making a little headway with the process. He still won't tell me when he needs the toilet but I can easily recognise the 'need a wee' dance and the look of concentration that precedes a poo. If I pop him on the toilet, he will perform and be very pleased with himself. However, he is far from being reliable. This is where the pull-up style of nappy is invaluable. It gives me peace of mind when I need it without feeling as though we are taking a backward step. The whole potty training thing can be a lot more relaxed.

Of course the trainer pants cost money and put an extra strain on an already tight household budget. For this reason I was delighted to be asked to try out some Easy-Pants and wipes from Aldi's Mamia range.

You cannot fail to be impressed by the awards the products have received from such institutions as Practical Parenting and Pregnancy and Mother and Baby. You also cannot fail to be impressed by the value. At an everyday price of £2.99 for a pack of 20 junior Easy-Pants and just 79p for a pack of 80 wipes, this represents a considerable saving on the branded alternative (unless you happen to be lucky enough to find them on special offer!)

But how do they actually compare in practice to the branded products?

I have been using the products for a few days now. The wipes are nice and thick and generously sized with an easy to use lid to prevent drying out. The Easy-Pants are a comfortable, neat, snug fit and thus far have not let me down in terms of their functionality. I really can't fault them.

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