Friday, 29 June 2012

Galt Fairy T-Shirt Set

Craft sets have always been my standard default kid's gift idea when any alternative inspiration eludes me.  I rarely buy them for my own children.

I was recently sent a Fairy T-Shirt Set from Galt to review.

I have to admit that my little girl, Addy, enjoyed it so much and I was so impressed by it that I may have to have to elevate my 'craft set' thinking to a whole new level.

The kit contained a quality white cotton T-shirt, printed transfer paper, fabric crayons and full instructions.

Addy couldn't wait to get started. The fairy themed transfer collection was comprised of a choice of two scenes for the front of the T-shirt, two pairs of fairy wings for the back and three pairs of small designs for the sleeves.

After much deliberation, Addy selected a design to colour.

My daughter, at the tender age of 4 years, has very strong opinions about certain things and will not be persuaded otherwise. She executed her design in her own way (which to my eyes was somewhat heavy on the brown!) She refused to have it that these were fairy wings. She insisted that it was a butterfly and added her own butterfly body. At first, I was frustrated with her because she wasn't doing it right but thankfully, after taking a deep breath, I realised that she was creating in her own way which had far more value than trying to reproduce the exact examples on the box illustration. I think even the most extreme perfectionist would struggle to keep completely within the lines with the chunky crayons (which incidentally were perfect for little hands)

Addy's best attempt to stay within the lines

The colouring kept Addy thoroughly entertained for far longer than I imagined it would. Once she was satisfied with her creations, it was over to me to iron the transfers onto the T-shirt (although Addy's little brother was very keen to help with their toy iron!)

The transfers needed to be placed colour side down onto the T-shirt and pressed firmly for at least 30 seconds with the iron on the hottest setting without steam.  I found the 'placing' part quite nerve wracking. I was worried that they would look wrong if they were too high or low or wonky or off centre. Deep breath again before I got on with it.

I would advise that this part of the process is done with care to get a good bond and to ensure that the backing paper comes away easily.

The colours came out very vividly. Addy loved her T-Shirt so much that we made a second one with the spare transfers for her sister. Here they are modelling their Galt Fairy T-Shirt creations.

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