Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Lovely Surprise

I had a lovely surprise today.

I was quickly checking my twitter account after a day spent away from the computer, knitting with my mum, when I saw the following messages:

Congratulations to  who has won our best video review of the year!  (1st post by Chris Boxall) Charming!

Well done  you've won £50 worth of Orchard Toys products for your What a Performance! video review!

 Please contact me on PR/Marketing email you can find here  Congratulations on your charming review!

I was delighted for two reasons:

1. £50 worth of lovely products from Orchard Toys is going to make a very nice extra pile of presents under the Christmas tree, and

2. It is a good feeling to know that the effort I put into my video reviews is appreciated.

I love finding excuses to make videos and enjoy the whole process from coming up with ideas to filming and editing. Best of all is having the finished product that I can revisit often and marvel at how much my little ones have grown and changed.

I find it astonishing that my video channel has received nearly 86,000 views (at time of writing) in the year it has been in existence, with one particular video clocking up nearly 26,000 on its own! I realise that in viral video terms this is nothing but for me, to think that my little boy beating a cuddly dog repeatedly over the head with a rubber bone has been watched 26,000 times, is quite something!

I am looking forward to receiving (and reviewing) my prize from Orchard Toys and of course, having the excuse for making more videos.


  1. That What a Performance video is fab fab fab.
    Aaron made we watch that and Cookie twice each.
    Liska xx

  2. Great review, thanks! How you manage to walk sideways, while squatting down, pretending to be a crab (I think), beats me! Enjoy all your lovely new Orchard Toys products, and well done!


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